The White House @MO

I want to thank you for the government cell phone but I am going to return it. REASON: I can’t make the calls I want, maybe they get to go thru and maybe they don’t. I can’t call my MOM, when I need to talk….the conversation gets cut off and then neither of us can call each other back. So whom ever has control of the government cell can have it back. It took 4 tries to get a phone that I can hold in my hand without dropping and as I was promised due to my health that I would be given the same number since I was in the middle of tests etc. and I did have the same number until they finally sent a phone that I could hold….but it had a different number. Then my address and new number got released probably worldwide.
Funny I can’t make the calls I need or want to without interference but every scammer biz now has this number and those are the only calls that DO manage to get thru. Then they want my life story before they will even tell me which company they are calling to recruit me for an online at home biz. Last call a few minutes ago came 3 times today 564-564-321 yes I realize it does not have enough numbers but it got thru and the third time and they asked for MR. BIRDS when I corrected the gentleman and said I am a misses Birds not a MR. thank you, the man hung up.

So as I keep saying, that IS NOT HOW IT IS PLAYING OUT HERE IN NEVADA> while I am at it, let me also mention when our ‘trusted’? servant, the Governor, states the unemployment has dropped in Nevada….come ask us what the truth of that is. the NUMBERS DROPPED BECAUSE in sept they claimed they needed to do a 1 day update to their unemployment system that turned into 3 weeks which then became the government is shut down. They did give my sibling Roger a seasonal job so he could try to save his home but it ended before HARP finished his paperwork. He was told he would get his unemployment back as soon as the seasonal job was over just before Christmas. And he continued looking for more work than being my caregiver which the state did in fact raise his hours from 12 to 17 and calling in his unemployment until 2 weeks ago when now they won’t even let you call in. So please don’t believe the unemployment rate has declined in NEVADA…they just won’t let you apply for your benefits. But it looks great on paper don’t it?

No worries, the phone will be in the mail tomorrow ….one by the way I had to wait a month for because someone else had one in my name in carson city so I had to wait for them to turn that one off before I could get one….make me wonder how many others are out there in situations like mine. TOO MANY!

But I do want to thank you for steppin up for me @MO
Wado, Woman Walkin in Faith


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