for the shoes, I know I will always gather and pray…that is MY job

Since so Many have questions and my story IS MY STORY. I have claimed nothing except for 2 things…. I pray for the good of ALL THE PEOPLE ON MOTHER EARTH>2) I was given a message about the same time as Woody I. was given a song by the grandmothers out here. He attended a Native American AA Convention in Cherokee, NC. I was the firekeeper back then, He sang that song at a MEN”S only lodge but since he said prior this was a song the grandmothers gave him, I sang it with him.This shocked him since he was told NO ONE else knew this song and I obviously was not in attendance so later he did ask how I knew the song, every word…. ask the Grant family whom kept the fire for many years, only one female was allowed….they also know me by many names. If you wish my roots to Reno NV then you need my crazy unbelievable story to know I have been known by many names. TODAY I AM COMING out….. Keeper of the Birds/ catholic church and mother gave me the name Veronica Marie Day. Ironically, I would be married, in a blackout years later by the man named as my dad that 2nd birth cert. which by the flippin way is a BLACK BIRTH CERT> from Los Angeles, CA. Look up why they even issued those in 1960.

In Reno, I recently commented on the schools after having a flashback of being in that school back in the late 60s 1st or second grade(my 7th summer, I spent time with a family in Reno as well, that was a summer I do remember being spoiled) so I imagine my birth mother would have given my name to the school as Veronica Sage. I was horrified to flashback to a time of getting under the desks for the air raids and drills and looking out one of those openings. And then hear the county commissioner would not allow the vote on upgrading the school. Thank you once again Berringer Gold, for bringing the hope back for the children on that one.

I then married McGuire, divorced remarried, Ordway, divorced,my only son was murdered by his AA sponsor, so I hid in plain site and reclaimed my native name and denounced the catholic birth cert. then married by ways of the pipe Norsworthy in 2006,(six months he committed suicide) then was sent on this journey in 06 out of calling to rectify.  I married St. Amant dec 2010 and divorced. Left Him shortly after Monica Richards came out to my’ tween’ place then of the waterfall and was attending Pala Native meetings. My Grandmother was known by many names too. Born Faye Smith, adopted to a good catholic irish family and married off to my grandfather then know as Forde, then she too remarried and was known as Rigdon…. I believe her birth date was given as Oct 5 1920 on adoption papers… but she was on the rolls by relatives as oct 5, 1919 and her BIA number is under Rigdon since she did not find any of her relatives until my own birth mother was about 16. I will defend nothing but the message I was gifted to give the world and signed my old emails with was this: Peace 4 all mankind, Nurture Mother Earth, and Seek the Stars.
I know exactly who I am, if you don’t then maybe it is time for you to come hang out with me. You will have to see it to believe me anyhow. Many will tell of a heavyset woman they know….today I struggle to keep on 130 lbs. but I did as asked and gathered coast to coast and The ‘Creator of my  own misunderstanding’ did in fact provide every step of the way. I put out tobacco this morning to have where I am to sweat and who is to put me on the mtn this morning; to come to my door.
There are reasons, my elders have explained prior to this journey, that some stay on the outskirts of the tribe and community. I stay in those twixt and tween places on purpose and not to hide either. Anything else please refer to whitebisondotorg elders meditation for today. Now I will write that sci-fi book of my life called Teachers walk the Hardest Roads by Woman walkin in Faith and wait for the honorable lodge to find me. though I was given Buffy Mashburns number….she too would remember a large woman. in facebook refer to a pic I believe Greer posted of me with my youngest daughter in Nov 2002 when I spoke for the Cherokee NC Native American AA Convention… that would be under Veronica O. or Veronica KeeperoftheBirds and if your looking for that piece of art….well it was actually donated to the raffle in 99 to assist our drummers and dancers from across the nation and even Canada and Mexico. The couple that won it in the raffle donated it back… so it goes from my understanding back and forth between the BIA building and the museum in Cherokee NC and hand etched into it ‘The Road to Recovery is always and in all ways Under Construction’ and depicts the back of a native man making a trek across the nation for recovery……. Anything else you feel you need to know about who I am, come look me in the eye, find me. I will not defend myself again to anyone in this plane of existence because you don’t know who you are. I know exactly who I am, but if Lloyd Owl is around ask him about the stone. or Chubs Blackbear or Tommystiffarm. Know this…. You will need a resume for the Creator not me, I help anyone that Creator of my own misunderstanding sends across my path….why because today I have recovered enough that I do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. My agenda, I do it because it is the right thing to do and today I can. Help heal the people….pray for the people. Many have made assumptions and comments about who I may or may not be. Do you really care, so long as I help you? I walk in two worlds, whiteman’s and native’s and I will take anyone by the hand and get them on the road the Creator made just for them. Folks leave me knowing :choice and freedom. I give them something that cannot be taken away. HOPE AND DIGNITY. So while your question of me and my life have been large, I say this….go look in the mirror work on you. Clean up your own motives and intentions and then we can meet on common ground…the good of the all. Otherwise you may have crossed my path so I could somehow humble myself again by helping another hopeless case. I have saved more than I have lost but we all have freewill in this plane. I follow a higher sense of right and wrong and It is a Good day to die for it. This post should contain all the info you may need to verify whatever the heck you think you even have the right to verify. So I ask…. what is it you are hiding that you feel the need to attack what is trying to help you with a clean agenda? People have no idea they tell on themselves….and it does not hurt that I have Owl eyes. Hard to deceive me and I scare most since I have ‘known’ stuff all my little life. Why do humans feel the need to attack anything they don’t understand? Or anyone they don’t understand. So after this post I will take a pic and post from my cell.
My final thought is this: Worry about getting your house in order instead of trying to mind mine, my Hogan is clean…and respect goes along way with me, come ask me.

Wado/Ski  Woman walkin in Faith


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