Shoes of a journey….

The shoes of a journey coast to coast as shown above. Every pair have been gifted to me in new condition. I was asked last Thursday if I had ever been spoiled. I guess this counts.
Why shoes?
If your wondering, once or twice, I was spoiled…one Christmas age 5 or so, but what I remember is how I felt when my birth mother made me take them back to the neighbor…In the gifts was a pair of red paten leather shoes I had so wanted.
Another summer when I was in Reno, Nevada I went to a ranch and was spoiled and for first time I remembered in my life was treated like I could be the child, Not the responsible adult.
So I left Western NC with only a couple of these pairs…since then along the journey many others stepped up and gifted me the other pairs. The hiking boots were gifted to me by Herb W. when I stated keeping the fire for the lodges. Amy Grant took me to a Caleb’s store and bought me some wool socks (since I am always cold) and a few other items. I have circles across the nation and even out of it. That has been the spoiling in my life. Anyone want to speak up and tell where the other shoes came from and own up to the gifting of them? The moccasins were given to me by the elders from South Dakota and Cherokee to make this journey in 2006…they need new soles and new leather. Is there a cobbler in Reno? The Shoes go with prior posting “for the shoes”. I have shoes now to tell a story…..Teacher walk the Hardest Roads.

wado/ski Woman Walkin In Faith or wwif


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