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~~April 1, 2014~~

Top 10 facts about April

Published: Mon, April 1, 2013

1. In Old English the month of April was also called SSLqEastermonad’.

2. Why the Romans called it ‘Aprilis’ is not clear. Some say it is connected to the verb ‘aperire’, to open, referring to the opening of flowers.

3. The phrase ‘April gentleman’ used to be applied to a foolish man, especially one newly married.

4. The birthstone of April is the diamond, and the flower is either the daisy or the sweet pea.

5. April is National Autism Awareness Month, National Pet Month and Jazz Appreciation Month


6. A judge in Melbourne, Australia, told two robbers they were a ‘pair of fools’ before sending them to jail for a crime committed on April 1, 2007.

7. Not only had they stolen a bag of bread rolls from a restaurant thinking it was…

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