Elder’s Meditation of the Day April 3

“We know that in all creation, Only the human family Has strayed from the Sacred Way.”
–OJIBWA Prayer

How have we gotten so far off track? What has happened to us? What is happening to our family? How did it happen so quickly? Every individual needs to answer these questions for themselves. What do we need to do to start living the Sacred Way again? Pray! Today I will start praying. I pray the Creator will lead all Native People to a great healing. I pray we’ll be free from alcohol and drugs. I pray we will return to the culture, to spirituality and to unity.

My Mother, help us to heal ourselves. Make us strong again.



Msit Nókmaq/All My Relations, If each person walks the red road from the heart, things will come forth in abundance. If one chooses to walk it for other reasons then they are asking for trouble. We need to look inside ourselves for motives. The story about the battle between bear and the wolf do not apply because they both carry strong medicines and no one wins the battle. We must keep constant vigil with prayer and keep any mind altering substances from our bodies. When we alter the brain waves with drugs or alcohol we stop the common sense and become less aware of our surroundings.
~Arthur Medicine Eagle-Sonier, MEGAMAW

Gitsch Manito-Creator, Wásóq-Spiritworld, Please help me this day to refrain from any substances that alter the mind. Give me strength to overcome my illness. Welálin/Thank You, Msit Nókmaq, Chi~Miigwetch, Mitauke Oyasin

Permission to post the Daily Meditations has been granted to Five State Alliance of First Americans from “WhiteBison.Org” Please support Their efforts at http://www.whitebison.org/home.html


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