Elder’s Meditation of the Day April 20

Elder’s Meditation of the Day

“We all come from the same root, but the leaves are all different.”
–John Fire Lame Deer, LAKOTA

We all come from one Great Spirit but we are all different and unique. Nothing in the Great Creation has a twin that is identical. Even children that are twins are different. Every single person is extremely special and unique. Each person has a purpose and reason why they are on the Earth. Just like every leaf on a tree is different, each one is needed to make the tree look like it does. No leaf is better or worse than the other—all leaves are of equal worth and belong on the tree. It is the same with human beings. We each belong here and do things that will affect the great whole.

Great Spirit, today, let me see myself as a valuable contributor to the whole.


Msit Nókmaq/All My Relations,
Look at a handful of sand and try to look closely at the grains. They may be different shaped but they all are from the same family. Humans are just like the sand and they need to rely upon each other for support. People should do the best they possibly can do, but not expect way too much from themselves. Always help others and your rewards will flourish.
~ Arthur Medicine Eagle-Sonier, MEGAMAW

Gitsch Manito-Creator, Wásóq-Spiritworld, Help me to realize I am only human and I can do only so much.Help me to see my family even though we may disagree at times please show us to not hate.
Please help me to know my limitations.
Welálin/Thank You, Msit Nókmaq, Chi~Miigwetch, Mitauke Oyasin

Permission to post the Daily Meditations has been granted to Five State Alliance of First Americans from “WhiteBison.Org” Please support Their efforts at http://www.whitebison.org/home.html


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