Personal Prayer Request

Unfortunately, It appears that I will be unable to continue writing or posting the Elder’s Meditation as my 13 month old laptop is officially toast. It took over a year to save for this one so unless a miracle befalls me it will be a while before anyone hears from me. I can’t even play #PCH . But I can pray and no one can give THAT A VIRUS OR A PUTER BOMBING.

May all your ripples come full circle. Be Mindful what motive and intention you choose to start with….will come full circle…picking up momentum along the way. So if you start with a negative motive or intention expect that to come back MAGNIFIED when it returns home.

Walk softly my brothers and sisters, I will be back….. on the CREATOR”S TIME CLOCK …. not mine. Meanwhile keep me in your prayers and I will go back doing what I do best…
Praying for you.

Wado, Woman Walkin in Faith


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