My thoughts on today’s Elders meditation

Elder’s Meditation of the Day

“Without a sacred center, no one knows right from wrong.”
—- Thomas Yellowtail, CROW

In the center of the circle is where the powers reside. These powers are called love, principle, justice, spiritual knowledge, life, forgiveness and truth. All these powers reside in the very center of the human being. We access these powers by being still, quieting the mind. If we get confused, emotionally upset, feel resentment, anger, or fear, the best thing we can do is pray to the Great Spirit and ask Him to remove the anger and resentment. By asking Him to remove these obstacles, we are automatically positioned in the sacred center. Only in this way do we know right from wrong.

Great Spirit, allow me this day to live in the sacred center.
When we make an effort to stay on center and pray to our Creator; we find these gifts. These are not things that can be stolen nor cut away from one that chooses to live by these old ways. I, personally, know the Grace that comes with it. But we need to learn to not be so judgmental except concerning our self… there is a difference between judgment and discernment. One comes without the ugly emotional responses and brings a comfort in it’s stead. We each get a choice and we can make a new choice each day we wake. Pray first about every little thing in your day. The Creator will show which way….if you are willing to listen and do.
~ Woman Walkin in Faith


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