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Friday the 13th of Feburajry 2015

4 5 6 leaf clovers from todayUsually I  consider this a very lucky day, Friday the 13th (must be the Irish side of me)…except in the month of February! Every major tragedy that has occurred in my life revolved around Feb. 13, 14 or 15th. Typically I hide out. This year I am breaking out. (Must be the native American side of me).
Bizarre things are once again occurring. One minute have cell, next I dont same with internet. Or better yet it is selectively letting me get things like only certain text. I recieved yesterday morning voicemails today and yesyerdays texts in the middle of the night. Last night I Could not get into my webinar. And my email acct disappearing and months later appearing for 1hour and they are the carrier email accts.
Why bring it up you may be asking….today I called the bank I moved to and have been banking with for a year after leaving the bank across the street. I had been banking with them thru moving thru 4 states for a few years….suddenly lost my disability checks in may 2013.
So please understand this played into my lack of confidence with my bank of today, to be told that my social security number is set as my brothers ssn on the acct and his middle name is not on the account and my last name was wrong ….nevermind that my brother IRS direct deposit was not there!
So to answer Chris (from Calvery Church in Carson City) whom installed my ramp last week and a question he asked last week. Did I think there is a conspiracy going on out here in my community. My answer last week was, “No, I think desperate folks, in desperate times, Do Desperate Things! Unlike you and I whom choose to bank with our Creator, God & the CHRISTED One, Jesus.”
So if these things are being done to keep me safe….then someone better speak up.

And if they are continuing to go on with malice then know you will not contend with me. I turned you over to God
I will #Pray and God of my own misunderstanding will make you pay….In ways I don’t even know how to ask for. My own son’s murder proved that to me.
AND WHAT MY FATHER TELLS ME. What I know to be true….All things come full circle…all things and so far, I keep living to witness them.
I want to personally thank Bob and Laura at Independant Living and Henji too the team you sent out was awesome! I am so excited and for an update, not only did i get to take my wheel chair out to do morning prayers yesterday but I got to go volunteer and give back to my community….AND now this year I can grow a garden again. God Bless you for that! #JustSayin
AHo Mitakyue Oyasin