BE very careful … the scammers are using  *67 so their number comes up as unknown. I have had two supposed federal government Grant calls in the last 7 days. Called them on it being a scam and told them the First call I was going to put it on y Facebook and report it to FBI. Which I did. So today’s call came in as unknown. But it was the SAME foreign voice,  and I said, so let me guess you Need me to buy a green dot card to pay the processing fees, right? He said yes and asked how I knew. And I told him because I got your call end of last week and you are on the FBI scam list online you dummy! Not to mention I listened on speaker phone 4 times they called my brothers phone and have had them call me about the same amount of times since end of last year. 

The other one they are using is a you owe taxes scam and trying to get you in a panic.

I wish I could say that is all the scams but as I just learned the hard way……don’t buy any online businesses either. Most of them are scams and keeps you busy going thru their training university and once you give them you card number, they got you. I had to go to my bank several times in the last month over issues. …now I won’t shop nor do any business online nor by phone. DO NOT GIVE ANYONE YOUR INFO UNLESS YOU CAN LOOK THEM IN THE EYE AND SWIPE YOUR BANK OR CREDIT CARD YOURSELF..,JUST DON’T! #JustSayin Think and don’t let anyone hurry you and I got to add pray about it first.

Heck I got neighbors getting and opening my mail before the mailman gets it into my locked mailbox. I even am Getting some really cute tape when it gets taped back up and finally arrives in my locked mailbox.

Once again, I am going to remind my neighbors, do not think you will be any kind of exception….I had two of my four children arrested before, so please do not think because we live in the good old boy wild west show out here that I won’t have you arrested. If you need references maybe you need to call federal MARSHALLS office in Asheville, NC…. they will tell you i will Let you hang yourself with that rope and you better start Praying they don’t come a knocking on my door like they did in 2005.

Walk away or get locked away…..your choice…. it if they knock, I talk.


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