Monthly Archives: September 2015

Morning prayers ~ Super Blood Moon

I go outside to greet today….

It is still dark as I prepare to smudge and greet this day, mindful that this is the Super Blood Moon and the day of the eclipse. I light my smudge and honor the 7 directions as day breaks. A crow flies by crying with it’s caw…. Reminding me this is to be a day of Sacred Law.

It is Sunday. For many this means it is the day of church. For me…. Every day I wake up IS a day of walkin in faith. Honoring the Creator and Mother Earth with ALL H/Er inhabitants. Though I feel this is a new beginning, I know it is a new beginning on many levels. So while the smudge is still waiffing around me, I ask the Creator if I should fast and pray for the next 4 days.

The wrens and song birds come alive with song…. Also greeting the Sun’s rising. Daylight has just broke the horizon here. I hear the eagle’s distinctive cry. Almost as if to answer me the eagle calls out for the next several minutes. I sit prayerfully in awe and listen. I listen to the birds, to the eagle calling out and to what has been placed upon my heart this day.

It is then, that I see a neighbor with her dog come out. Reminding my to have loyalty to my fellow humans being. So I know this new phase of my life is about being of service. Not only to the Creator but towards my neighboring humans being. And the eagle cries out once more.

I remind my neighbor of the eclipse and blood moon and what time we will be able to view this event here. As I make a few decisions about which direction my life is moving into. I am always reminded to pray for others.

Today I was reminded, to freely share my understanding with others. That prayer and fasting brings answers. That my suffering is for the Good of the ALL. That the Elders have taught me well, I need to be mindful to be a good representative of a Daughter of the Creator in all that I do. This day and everyday.

All I have is THIS day. I send smoke n prayers up for my elders all across this nation. I pray for the future of the next 7 generations… That they be healthy, whole and connected not just to our Creator but also to Mother Earth. That in this day we, as humans being, will find ways to respect and uplift one another.

A’Ho! This is what it is to be a Woman Walkin In Faith …. #Today