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A pre- request for your signature in August.

The Wellbriety Movement and the Boarding School Coalition have joined forces to further the healing process among all the Native Tirbes and communities of the United States of America. There is a brief window in which we can request an Official Apology from President Obama… The month of August. The point is to further the Healing process among our native communities across the United States. I have personally committed to network to obtain at the very least 200 of the 100,000 signatures need on the White House web sight that will soon be put up.

Following the example of an Apology given the Canadian tribes by Prime Minister Stephan Harper on June 11, 2008 we are requesting President Obama give the American Tribes a similar apology. President Obama did sign legislature Acknowledging it in December 2009. But to bring true healing we need to follow the Four Directions teaching of Recognize, Acknowledge, Forgive and Change. We are midway of this process.

To Forgive the Native tribes and communities need an Apology. It is felt that since President Obama signed the paperwork in 2009 that he is the best option to get the Apology from. Our native tribes and communities need to finish this healing process so that We can Change. So I will be requesting everyday in the month of August,that you go to the White House web site to sign the petition.

Please support this much needed healing process by giving your signature. Respectfully requested,

Woman Walkin In Faith aka Keeper of the Birds