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A prayer request ~~~~~~~~

Not a ‘Native American’ Issue Definitely a ‘Humanity’ Issue.   It’s good reminder of how valuable the sacred water is to ALL LIFE. ALL native tribes recognize water as THE most sacred of medicines. Tonight I am asking that ALL NATIONS OF #HUMANITY TO #PRAYER. Seek your heart. I have shown video recently of the Water Woman that delivers water to an AZ tribe. People in America Living on 8 gallons per day per household IN USA folks. No running water! Go view it on this page….(scroll down.) Then convince yourself that this MATTER OF 1168 MILES OF PIPELINE PASSING UNDER THE MISSOURI and MISSISSIPPI’s rivers Immediately affecting 10 MILLION USA CITIZEN OF ALL RACES and then affecting all the millions down stream from there is not your concern as well.                                                        I also have posted video of just what the fracking alone has already in one of these states…it will sober you up to the radioactivity still contaminating #Water. A sacred medicine for all life on Mother Earth, plants, animals and the stewards of Mother Earth…all of humanity in the USA. THE #DAPL WANTS TO GO THRU THE CENTER of OUR Country. No , only 1168 miles pushing a hundred billion gallons per day thru 4 or 6 states. This is not ‘A Native American problem’ make no mistake this is every Citizen of the USA problem. Then lastly, go and view what happened in Russia about 2 weeks ago, with a similar oil pipe under one of their rivers…… Again I say this is not a Native American problem….this is truely the future of the Nations concern. And if we as “We the People” allow this to happen ….according to Lakota prophesy verbally handed down thru generations….’It will be the end of this world as we know it’. And “We the People” will pay the ultimate price tag… future for our children Or their children Or their children…no future for AT Least 7 generations. I beg you keep this MATTER in your hearts and #Prayers. Seek your heart; how can you help and do whatever it is.  While this issue has many levels…it gets down to one basic idea… Is a corporation that will make untold billions more important than the most sacred of medicines, WATER and the price tag of potentially MILLION of people’s lives. Stand with my brothers and sisters for we are all humans being.  We are #ONERACE. Please #NODAPL.                                            Woman walkin in faith~~~~~