The Rainbow Visit
© keeperofthebirds

August 11, 2001According to the calendar this is the day that ‘Dog Days End’. I never have been really sure exactly what that means, but this was the day that everything changed in my life. By outward appearances everything was the same, but all the dog days inside of this mind, heart and spirit ended. I knew even before I woke up that this day was going to change how I viewed life for the rest of my days. Even my dreams foretold of this change in consciousness, of the enlightenment to come. Still in the dream state, I was talking to my significant other, Charles. We were discussing what my findings were from my earlier dreams of the evening. I was telling him that I felt I had leaped over a barrier to a higher state of awareness through my dream travels. Abruptly I told him that I had to leave now that Tosha was going to call on the phone. It was at this point that I woke up.I opened my bedroom door to see my fourteen-year-old daughter, Monica already up. Without so much as a ‘Good Morning’ to her, I said; ‘Good, you are up. You can get that.’ Returning to my bedroom. I sat on my bed saying prayers of thanks and gratitude for the insights I was gifted with, through my dreams. In the background, I hear the phone ring and Monica answer it. Moments later, Monica came to my room baffled. To add to her confusion, I asked her what Tosha wanted. Monica is looking at the phone in my room knowing she would find the ringer off and wondering how I knew it that it was going to be Tosha on the phone. She gives me the message and sits on the bed beside me. In a loving way, she told me that she wished I would not do ‘this’ to her first thing in the morning. We hugged each other good morning. Simultaneously, we glanced towards the living room. What I had seen first was the beam of light coming from the ceiling appearing to be going to the floor. What Monica had seen was the rainbow across the ceiling. Monica said, “Mom, I think there is something in the living room for you!” 

If the living room had not been so dark with all the drapes and shades drawn and Mother Nature casting her own shade with the storm that was moving in, maybe we could have found something to explain the beam of light and the circle of rainbow. Instead, we sat in the circle, that was approximately ten foot in diameter, of a complete rainbow; in it’s center was a beam of white light that did in fact go from the ceiling to the floor. I had grabbed a cup of coffee on the way to the living room, knowing this was how I was going to spend morning meditation. I made a mental note to look at the > clock on the microwave to see the time was 11:03 a.m.  Monica and I each proceeded to get comfortable at the table in the living room. We sat in silence, experiencing the rainbow and the beam of light. Each enjoying our own thoughts and feelings but only a glance at the other’s face told of the utter amazement that was happening within.

One of the first realizations I had was I had only ever experienced half of a rainbow until now. This was a complete circle, with no beginning and no end, a whole rainbow. The feeling that accompanied this thought was for the first time in my life I knew what it felt like to be whole inside, to be whole in body, mind and spirit. At total peace and oneness with everything that is, everything that was and everything that will be. This is when the tears began and the tears did not stop until after the entire experience was over.

I have resorted to tears whenever I have been in emotions that were of the extreme nature, good or bad. These tears made me realize that emotions were neither good nor bad and tears were neither good nor bad. Both were to just be experienced and both just ARE. These particular tears I was experiencing with the rainbow somehow were very understanding and very cleansing for me as well as enlightening. I noticed that the beam of light had rose off of the floor a few inches. Which made me look more closely at the rainbow. This is when I noticed the inside band of purple had grown in width.

I had the next realization. The colors of the rainbow were the same colors of the chakras. Not only were the colors the same, the order of the colors was the same. The rainbow was colored from the center out respectively; purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. There was a green hue filling the rest of living room that was similar what you would see during the final moments of a sunset. I realized it was all energy, all connected and all one. Somehow, every living thing was connected by an energy link of sorts. That throughout my life I somehow had been able to link into this at times for knowledge. At times the link was formed to help get information for other humans. Sometimes, the link gave me information foretelling of the weather or of some natural disaster such as an earthquake. Then there were times the link was formed just to give me clarity of my own emotions.

I noticed the beam of light was now higher off the floor and that the color purple had absorbed the color indigo with its newfound width. Monica was still sitting silently, but we seemed to gaze at each other at exactly the same moment. It was not the smile on her face I noticed the most but rather the smile that shown through her eyes and how her eyes seemed to be talking. I don’t think I ever remember feeling so intimate with another human being as I did in that instant. I was grateful that it was my daughter. As I watched the beam of light slowly ascend and the band of purple embrace each of the next few bands in this wonderful rainbow, my own emotions seemed to be on the roller coaster ride of their life. Yet I was not affected in the same manner that I had been affected throughout my life by these same emotions. I only felt touched by them and acknowledged what they were. With each color of the rainbow seemed a lesson of awareness and a set of emotions. The band of purple just grew and grew while the beam of light in the center continued its ascent to ceiling where it was taking on a new shape, a glowing orb.

This was when it became apparent to me that I was experiencing not only a mental and spiritual awareness but also an emotional myriad that somehow corresponded with each band in this rainbow. An understanding of the emotional extremes that become necessary to master in this life, I seemed to be aware of them fully and releasing them. I was gifted with understanding, my dreaming/intuition, ability to communicate, true sense of love, alignment with the Creator’s Will, tears of cleansing, and stillness of body, mind and spirit. Finding a balance inside of myself that until that instant, I never knew existed. I wondered to myself why I seemed to be experiencing these things in the opposite order of the chakras and why the rainbow was going from the inside out. The insight I was given was that I worked my way up the chakras and now the energy was ooping its way back down. That is how healing occurs. That I needed to remember this process to heal others, to pull the energy through the top of the head and loop the healed energy back down through the top of the head. And to do it with love.

During this process there seemed to be no time, no sense of time, and I remember thinking to myself at one point, ‘So this is what forever feels like’. I learned that only in the human body do we have such a small concept of time. Now is the only time I need. Too much of the present moment is wasted on the past or the future moments. We can slow the pace of the present moment down by total being aware of it and be an active participant in the moment. By the same token the opposite is true, time can pass us by simply by not doing those important things.

Making selections on how to best spend our time to bring us the most happiness, spiritual growth and exchange of this energy flow will help us to utilize our time effectively and energetically. Which will leave us with more time and energy everyday.

The greatest awareness came when there was only the glowing orb and a room filled with purple and my daughter and myself left in the room. The room itself felt like it was singing. I looked over to my youngest of four children, remembering when she was born; on that day I thought she was an angel. On this day, I knew that she was. I knew that truly all of my children are angels, that each and every on of us are angels who came here to have the human experience. The human experience is not easy for such light spirits in such heavy bodies but we came to learn about the energy flow called love. Of all the emotions and of all the energy flows it is the only one that can heal all the damage done by all the others.

It alone can repair any and all that have come before it, but only if we don’t shut off our hearts. It can heal whatever damage has been done to the body, the mind or even the spirit. It can absorb whatever monstrosities we have survived. Love has the power to heal everything, absolutely everything. Nurture it, plant it, sow it, tend it, Nurture Love……nothing else matters!

I took a deeper breath than I ever remember taking, almost to drink in one last breath of light and color, the orb and purple was gone seconds later. I don’t remember reaching for Monica’s hand or her reaching for mine, yet I found we were holding hands across the table and I wondered to myself how long we had been like that. I looked at the microwave to note the time 12:30 p.m. 

Somehow ‘forever’ felt very much longer than that! Never have I witnessed such an occurrence or had the privilege of having someone with me. For myself, it was a confirmation of my dream state, which I had, in fact, jumped to a higher state of awareness. Here I was getting to experience some piece of it with my daughter. It would not be until later that I would wonder what kind of impact it would have on her and her life. But I will get to witness that miracle as well.

In the week to ten days since this occurrence, both Monica and I have noticed changes in our self. Which, understandably, are difficult to discuss. Even on paper, words cannot do justice for what was experienced. I asked Monica to describe for me what it felt like to her. These were her words, ” Like taking a bath for the very first time in life; warm, cleansing and loving.” Such insight. Both of us have been accused of speaking too softly on a daily basis since then. Everyone has asked me what have I changed, have you cut your hair, lost weigh, etc. etc. Everyone can tell something is different, even over the phone. They just can’t put their finger on it……. 

If we keep our Heart centers open Love will come full Circle and it feels Purple…

By Veronica Keeperofthebirds

This is what Monica(14 YRS old) wrote about the experience a couple of days after 
it occurred:

The Rainbow 
I woke one morning to be dazed and confused 
To be mixed up in a miracle as well as amused 
My heart removed all its despair 
For this moment I was to share
Life went away 
As on past this day
And all we could do was gaze 
It’s light so perfect
My mind in a maze 
This perfect round circle
Connecting us all 
It seemed so big 
I felt so small 
I sat there in silence for a moment or to
Then said thanks for this moment with you 
I felt so close at heart 
My mind tore apart
This circle of light 
Brought to my life 
What no other power could
A feeling of perfection to remember 
And I knew I would 
It lasted so long an hour or two
During this time I felt so close to you 
The colors so real 
My heart was still 
I felt the world go away 
I still thank God for the moments in which we shared that day
Compared to this day all life was low 
Yet on the other hand life is a Rainbow



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