Author’s Notes


The PURPOSE of sharing it though may become PROFOUND FOR SOME.
I have said many, many times if I wrote a book on my life, and another on just my spiritual walk that ironically, I think they both would end up in the same section of a library…. Under science-fiction. I have somehow, survived it all. Baby-stepping one moment at a time; many times with the tiny mustard seed, I did have of faith. While today, I am poor by most folk’s standards; I would tell you how rich I truly am. I am happily broke… and usually filled to the brim with Hope.
Truly, this is not about me or really my life; except to be used as a real life example of life on life’s terms and one woman’s walk in faith, for the answers. Please make no mistake, I cannot tell you what your walk in faith is nor what to call OUR Creator. I hope by telling my story, you may broaden your own outlooks, concepts and we can find bridges of spiritual solutions together… thru prayer.
I have some very firm beliefs such as ‘All things come full circle’.  I believe there is but one race; the Human race. I also believe there is a balance of things. Things in my world come in circles.  I have learned there is a world of difference between proclaiming faith and actually being able to walk in it. Personally, other folks had to take me by the hand and teach me.
My real job in this life is just to PRAY but you will never believe how I got from where I was to where I am… much of it leaves me feeling mind blogged and truly blessed. My own search took me to some bizarre places. But in a native fashion I will attempt to tell the story in such a way as it leave you thirsty for more. My intention is to leave you with HOPE.
But my real intentions is to encourage everyone to come together to PRAY ….. I am hoping I can take you, by example of my own life and things I did and places I searched, while maybe leaving you feeling Hopeful; by its end.  I am happily broke and the first one to help someone because I learned one or two things along my lil path. I have picked up some great puzzle pieces along the way and met some awesome folks that truly, in those moments were real life angels in my own life. I want to bring rainbows, love, hope and prayer together on just one thing each day.
I can hopefully open a daily prayer blog very soon.  Where my intention will be just coming together on just one thing happening on Mother Earth. LET US EACH CHOOSE TO SET ASIDE OUR DIFFERENCES AND PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS AND JUST PRAY, EACH OUR OWN RESPECTFUL WAY, BUT TOGETHER ON JUST ONE ISSUE ON THIS OUR MOTHER EARTH. WORLDWIDE WE CAN COME TOGETHER AND PRAY.
I walk a very spiritual path that affords each and every one of us a personal road to the Creator’s house…even atheists and agnostics. YES, it is true, I know this to be the truth. Lots of doctors, nurses and techs at Asheville Memorial Hospital all came in and prayed before each one of my daughters many many surgeries… over a three year period.
Today remember:  YOU ARE LOVED, SOMEONE DOES CARE, and THE POWER OF PRAYER GROWS WHEN MORE ARE SAYING THE SAME PRAYER. We can heal our first mother and make better choices and become more willing to suffer a bit of uncomfortableness so ‘the GOOD OF THE ALL can and will be taken care of, not just the few”
just sayin’ by one woman walkin’ in faith


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