My Ethics…

These are my spiritual principles, I expect no one to adhere to what I uphold myself to. Knowing one  Day I will stand before OUR Creator; whom I choose to call God of my own mis-understanding. My ethics in every area of my life always default to those spiritual principles. My own children will tell you this. I do nothing, without PRAYER FIRST. I answer to only One, the Creator of my OWN misunderstanding.

I grew up neither belonging to the native world nor belonging to the white world. Life itself made me even more introverted, due to the fact that even as a child I ‘KNEW’ things that there was no way for me to know …especially beforehand. At a very young age, I was aware that some of the adults in my life feared me, due to this. Then, all I knew was I was somehow different… why was unclear. But when life happened, this place I could find deep down inside of myself and hide out to pray, would be my solace…this ‘dreaming’ that occurred both asleep and awake as a child, was merely the Creators Grace. Today, I will tell you when more of life happened than I could know how to handle at such a tender age, I was introduced to ‘white man’s water’ . I will also tell you that IT saved my sanity. For surely I would have shattered into a million tiny slivers. My Ethics of those days, were all revolving around the ‘getting of this water’. One day, I had a moment of clarity and realized the very reason I did not ever want to have children; I was allowing as the parent….I was allowing to occur with four children. I got S.O.B.E.R. (sonofabitcheverythingisreal) and it was soon apparent I was a ragefilled and truly had no ethics beyond  that.

Let me take a moment to thank all the folks in Morehead City /Beaufort, NC that were kind, loving and patient with me in 12 step rooms. A special thanks to an old hippy chick Elizabeth, that started sending me to the Smoky Mtns. of NC to learn from the Elders. So when the Cherokee, NC Elders first met me I weighed 500+ lbs and had a different name. Thanks to all my Elders, in Cherokee, NC and South Dakota; for all the help growing up and giving me something worthy to hand to my children. Choices, options, a way of life and a strong desire to live close to Mother Earth. Most importantly, the WHY….. of this choice; I made to live closely to Mother Earth on the Red Road. Wellbriety folks would also come into my life, thru these Elders. I have sweat with some of the finest medicine folks across this and other countries. Not to mention crossed this fine nation from 2006-2012 on mere Faith and prayers; while ill. I woke up today, it truly is ALL Gravy after that and I remain mindful, that this is…. what Grace is.

Wado/Ski to all who helped with the many growth spurts and name changes. To the woman I choose to become and continue to evolve into… for it is truly a journey.

It would be from those Elders and Elders from across this country; north and south of it and a few from across the oceans even, that I would be given the opportunity to spend time learning the old ways of the Elders. The waters they instilled in me finally allowed me to see who I am and where I belong and why I would make the journey, I have made this lifetime.

I know there are many ‘gifted’ like I am, today. But for many years I was just searching to find where I fit. So when I say, I have studied most religious practices to some extent, I have. And from it came Strong Sense of Right and Wrong . It comes from a higher sense of ‘the good of the ALL’ than man’s law can account for.

In one nutshell: MY ETHICS ARE TO DO THE RIGHT THING, MERELY BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO AND TODAY I CAN DO IT. No hidden agenda.  (as Creator would have me to do, even when I do not want to….how I feel about it is irrelevant, I have learned. It will be MY willingness that will be counted )

Who am I to judge another about anything? Besides, I found Prayer can bring about a better ending than I know how to Hope or even Pray for. So truly, WE Can bridge the gap and come together to pray together, for just one thing Daily. We need not use the same terms nor pray to the same “God” or for that matter even believe in Any One of the Gods, in order to come together to pray for solutions to problems we are facing in our communities. I have prayed with Atheists and Agnostics and folks from probably most all the faiths. For three years, 2002-2005, I got doctors and nurses to come together and pray Before each of one of my own daughters many, many surgeries, TOGETHER around my daughter prior to surgery….as well as put tobacco across country and had lodges sweating and praying for her. So I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS.

I could amaze you with what can be accomplished thru prayer. All my ethics quite humbly lay in PRAYER.

Join Womanwalkininfaith in prayer daily. Starting April 13th, 2014. I will post one thing to come together and Pray or Talk to whatever power you find greater than yourself about. I have a personal story on that too. ( Another story, another day) Just one thing. LET US COME TOGETHER AND BE THE #SOLUTION

Any personal prayer requests can be sent to Wado

no spam…this email will only accept prayer requests and if you have a story of me you wish to share, come join me in telling of my journey.


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