#My2Cents by Woman Walkin in Faith 4/18/17

Recently, I purchased adaptor wires for tv set up on #Amazon. The purchase was uneventful and I received it promptly. A few days later, I received an email asking me to fill out a #survey about my experience with ordering from Amazon. For my time, I would be given a choice of rewards at the end. So I figured, “Heck, why not?” and I filled out the survey. Sure enough there was a page of several rewards at the end to choose from… just pay shipping and handling. I saw one I thought I might like to try… Lumanere facial serum. I proceeded to fill in form for shipping and payment for shipping. 

Within minutes, I received a phone call… the woman stated she was calling to confirm the order and shipping details. Then proceeded to upsale me on other #Lumanere products. After repeatly tell her no I didnt want to purchase other products and she informed me I had to purchase the eye serum in order to get my #reward ! I got so frustrated I told her to cancel the order, I didn’t want to try the product that bad that I was willing to purchase another product in order to get it. I cancelled the order and that was the end of the call.

A few days later, the Lumanere facial cream showed up…without the eye serum. So I am thinking, to myself, well I got my reward. I promptly go online and check my credit card and sure enough I was only charged the $3.86 for shipping. I thought that was the end of it…

I check my banking often and today was one of those days I check. I was looking at an $89.84 charge for eye serum with no company name. I tried calling…after waiting 20 minutes I choose to let them call me back and decided to call my bank and put in a dispute for the transaction. Which is one of the things I value about #BankofAmerica , great customer service and if you have a #Dispute they promptly attend to it. Then I proceed to call the company, making the charge, back because now an hour has passed and they still haven’t returned the first call. After 20 more minutes on hold and being asked if I wanted to wait for them to call me back yet again… they finally beeped thru.

After explaining to the gentleman what had occured he informed me I ordered a reoccuring order of the eye serum… you know the product I never got … the one that made me so frustrated that I canceled even recieving the “reward” of the facial serum while on the phone! I must say he did finally reverse the $89.84 charge once he seen I never even recieved the product.

Seems more and more that it is increasingly harder to just be a good citizen… We are being slammed by media all day, everyway imaginable. And #HiddenAgendas are today’s normal. And something as simple as being rewarded for shopping with a particular company can turn into a fleecing of your account. And filling out a #survey for their customer satisfaction reports can be costly, to you, the #customer.

My 2 Cents