Thought and prayers for 10/17/2013

First, I want to personally thank each one of you that stepped up to pray with me concerning our government shutdown, no matter what your beliefs are or how diverse they may or may not seem to be from my own or anyone else’s….you took that baby step out in faith with me. Action step. I can tell you it will come back in ways you cannot even imagine.

He is one of the MANY whom inspired me. Like K-Love and the artists that play such an uplifting heartfelt pieces of their own puzzle thru music on the station. Sitting in my garage listening to them now. Like native drumming it speaks to places inside of this ‘child’ of our Creator.

I pondered the question of rewind or pause tonight: My reply:  a Pause.
It took every single thing that occurred in my life to make me into the woman I chose to become. That is not to say I have not had my own days of doubt. I do, which is when you can catch me in my garage fussing at My Creator about why this happening is or so hard when it should not be. Usually I get reminded that sometimes the lesson is not about me, I just need to be willing to walk alongside the one it is about and offer my experience, strength, hope and most importantly with compassion and LOVE. I even admit them so others know that it is alright to have them, express them, own them, and then get about the business of finding Solutions to them.


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